Movie and TV writing


Peggy grabs a drunk Willem and presses up against him.

PEGGY: Amuse my daughter.

Peggy walks off. Max steers Pegeen clear of a leering Willem.

MAX: Take care not to be devoured.

PEGEEN: I can handle de Kooning.

MAX: I refer to your mother.

peggy and pegeen

Pilot spec — 2020
Co-wrote pilot. Runner up for best dramatic television pilot in the 2019-2020 UCLA Professional Programs Feature Screenplay and Television Pilot Writing Competition.

Logline: With Hitler about to March into Paris, Peggy Guggenheim races to save her revolutionary collection of Surrealist and Abstract art from destruction, but the chaos of the coming war and strife within her own family threaten to stop her.


Single-camera sitcom spec — 2014
Co-wrote pilot with four-writer team; wrote bible and several solo episodes. Originally recruited by production company, which later folded. Writing team gained rights to property and has been pitching it.

Logline: Sudden, unexplained blackouts jolt a once-legendary video game designer out of a mid-life slump and into total chaos.

AWOL Blues

Feature spec — 2007
Co-wrote drama. Optioned by production company owned by founder of Screenwriting Magazine. Semifinalist in several screenwriting contests.

Logline: An Arab-American Marine goes AWOL during the Iraq war to confront the unspeakable truth of his Marine brother’s murder and plunges into a fight for everything he believes in–as well as  his own life.


Feature write for hire — 2005
Wrote boxing movie for independent producer.

Logine: A Polish illegal immigrant loses his home, family, and identity because of a fight. Now, fighting is the only way the ex-heavyweight champion can gain all these back.

Other movie and sitcom specs (loglines available): 2004-present.